Division Training-Workshop on Web Page Development And ICT On K To 12 Curriculum


Participants to this training work-shop are advised to:
a. bring the following requirements/equipment:
i. School Logo
ii. Mission/Vision of the School
iii. History of the School
iv. Policies of the School
v. Enrolment (ex. requirements, procedure..)
vi. Administration (ex. organizational chart…)
vii. Address/Contact Number of the School
viii. Announcement (What is new in your school?)
ix. Academics (curriculum, special program)
x. Organization (SSG, Alumni…)
xi. Pictures (school, school activities, school facilities, organization, faculty etc)                                                                                                    xii. Flash Drive/USB
xiii. Laptop
xiv. Dongle/Plug-It
xv. Extension Cord
xvi. Cooling Pad (optional)
b. Download and install the following programs before the training:
For photo sharing, editing, uploading etc..
For photo animation
For Website Design Program

Should you have questions or queries please do not hesitate to comment or drop us a message.

Training Team


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