Submission, Evaluation, Reminders etc.

Hello teacher bloggers!

A. Submission Link: Please submit your online school website through this link for monitoring, evaluation, and promotion purposes.

B. Training Workshop General Evaluation for Group 1 Participants (District 1 & 3) and for Group 2 (District 2 & 4).

C. School websites (online) reminders:

1. Welcome Post and Pages (Complete) including Contact Us page.

2. Required Widgets:
a. meta, b. recent posts, c. blog stats, d.follow blog, e. Facebook Fan page (Optional), and f. calendars

3. Web Footer areas should include image links of the following (suggested size, 250X150 px):

a. DepEd Website (Image Link): Web:

b. DepEd Division of Quezon (Image Link): Web:

c. DepEd  Division of Quezon ICT Website (Image Link): Web

D. Rubric in evaluating you school website. (See this page link.)

E. For additional offline website instructions, attached is the instruction from Mr. Wilbert Porteza.Gimp and Sharepoint (Simply click the link).


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